Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the house newly renovated?
A. No, we do not wait that long to put the house in great condition. It is in great condition all of the time, no need to hope you will not arrive at the end of the obsolescence period.

Q. Is the house “Like New”?
A. No, it is better than new. A new house does not have all the thoughtful amenities this house has. “New” owners have not had a chance to ask you what you need for your next visit, and work out all the kinks and shortcomings. This home gives “new” a bad name.

Q. How many bedrooms does it have?
A. The home sleeps ten, in a king bedroom, a queen bedroom, and two bedrooms with two twin beds each. That’s eight. The Entertainment center has doors, a bath, closet, drawers, and a comfortable sofa bed, not one with an iron bar in your back. If your party can sleep two there, you can get ten sleeping comfortably in the home. If someone is misbehaving or snoring, there is a hammock; that’s an option ?

Q. When is it available?
A. If you reserve early, it is available when you want it. If you procrastinate, it will be booked then. I can’t help it; it’s the law of unintended consequences. Check the calendar on-line. I try to keep that up-to-date.

Q. How far is it to the beach?
A. If you come from a crowded city, you will want travel time in minutes: three to four, depending on who is with you and if you are getting help with the umbrella. Otherwise, it is meaningful to know it is 200 yards, no traffic jams, and you don’t need to cross any streets. Some of you can run that distance in 22 seconds.

Q. Is the home air-conditioned?
A. Yes. We condition the air any way you want it. Cool it, heat it, trap it, or fan it. All done to your taste. Spring and fall, you will just want to open the doors and windows and let the wonderful outside air flow through the house. Nothing else even comes close.

Q. Is it safe to ride a bike there?
A. Depends on who is with you. There is a wide bike path through all of Duck, sometimes separated from the road, and sometimes lined off with white lines and rumble strips, but a part of the road. I fought long and hard to get safe bicycling arrangements for bikers, and we now have an ideal environment. North of Duck, there is a lined-off shoulder that continues after the bike path fades away near the tennis facility, five miles north. That will take you to the end of the (dry) earth, sixteen miles total, each way. Going south, you can bike until you call for a pickup.

Q. Did you say tennis?
A. I may have. There is a first rate indoor tennis facility with teaching pros and many programs for group and private lessons, round robin doubles, and a “find-you-a-partner” facility to get you in the game. They also have a fitness center and outdoor courts. There are also public courts. You will find exhilaration and quiet repose at the Byrd Sanctuary.

Q. Golf?
A. Someone always asks about golf. The Currituck Club is just five miles up the beach, a beautiful course. Duck Woods, a private club, will allow some public play. There are several courses in Kitty Hawk and Nags Head, and many more across the bridge on Rt. 168: The Pointe, Holly Ridge, Carolina Club, Goose Creek, Kilmarnic, another one or two. Bring your clubs and a decent swing.

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